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Monday, September 18

Never more than 30 minutes away (from seeing RR on TV)

The Rachael Ray talkshow Web site has been updated with lots more videos, information about the show, and a chance to join "Club RR" (haven't had a chance to check out what that is, yet). Be sure to check it, and the show, out today. Diane Sawyer is today's guest. Rachael will also prepare a 7-minute Meal and jump out of a plane. Sounds like she's going a little overboard!

haha... hmmm. Anyhow, I have it set to tape.

In other Food Network news, Nigella Lawson-- her promos for "Nigella Feasts" have been running nonstop-- was just eclipsed by "Posh Spice" Victoria Beckham as Britain's "yummiest mummy." Dang! She was robbed. Posh makes GDL look plump.

UPDATE: Even Page Six, the New York Post's notorious gossip column, has gotten on the Rachael train, although I wouldn't believe most of what appears on that page. Evidently, Martha Stewart is "obviously concerned about her new rival" Rachael. According to Page Six: "Four Stewart staffers using fake names tried to infiltrate Ray's audience at a taping last week, a source told PAGE SIX, but the spies were recognized by a security guard who also works for Stewart."

Yikes! Who knows if that really happened. There's about 15 spelling errors in the article and headline, and they refer to Rachael as the oft-mispelled "Rachel" several times.

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