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Tuesday, June 27

hi there

i wanted to start blogging about something that really does take up a lot of my free time-- watching the food network! like a lot of people, i spend a lot more time simply watching than i do cooking, but i'm getting better.

i have some all-time favorite people on the network (as you'll find out), some who i'll watch if i'm just bored, and some who i don't understand why i'm wasting my time watching.

i'm also going to try to post as many "real" photos of food network stars as i can. i already met giada and dave is coming to D.C. soon!

let me know what you think. i'm not going to spend my time bashing certain people (ahem... sandra), but i have no problem with making fun from time to time.

enjoy... err... bon app├ętit!





At 3/30/2010 7:52 PM , Anonymous Free Credit Score said...

Thanks for posting. These definitely make me very hungry now :)

At 4/06/2010 9:01 PM , Anonymous Free Credit Score said...

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