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Sunday, July 30

Ellie-Vira? What was ellie krieger's former job?

is it just me, or does our new favorite nutritionist and FN star bear a resemblance to Elvira? she has some sort of wicked witchy, goth girl quality to her. i like her, though:-) yesterday's episode with the banana cream pie looked good.

so jared and i spent our saturday, like we usually do, watching the saturday morning lineup. i can't believe how much time i let go by! here's how we do it:

9 AM: i typically am already awake and have turned dave on. despite his tiredness, jared will open his eyes for dave. we love his strolls through whole foods, his purple polos, and his speech impediment:-) it's adorable, though, and FN was smart for putting more of him on. i need to check out the dave does site and see what i think.

9:30 AM: for tyler's sake, i used this photo of him. one from his younger, thinner days. once again FN, this looks nothing like him now. oh well. i typically will tough it out through this new tyler florence ULTIMATE creation. i love the set and the lighting (but anything compared to "how to boil..." is good), but i don't think i'll be making any fried chicken dipped in flour, dipped in buttermilk, rolled around on tyler's belly anytime soon. sorry tyler!

10 AM: okay, i lied. i don't usually make it straight through the saturday morning lineup, sadly due to miss miller here. i don't knowwwww... i'll go into details more, but her style just isn't all that thrilling to me. maybe it's because i don't have a couple of kids waiting for me to defrost dinner every night. 10 is when i take a nap or flip to CNN.

10:30 AM: you know i love me some pauler. her sons? not so much. i am worried, however, about paula's state lately. i've only seen one episode of her in her new kitchen and the whole time it just seemed like she was going to cry. i hope her illness isn't coming back. she does seem to be traveling a lot (as the dorks who stayed home on a saturday night to watch her europe special know), so i hope it was just the change of scenery that temporarily shocked ole' paula.

11 AM: we could talk all day about sandra. i know everyone has a lot of opinions about her and i won't bother commenting on the obvious. i will say, for the purpose of this post, that her show can be entertaining from time to time and i occasionally think some of the stuff she makes looks good.

oh, and she's a crazy drunk.

11:30 AM: at this point, i watch 30 minute meals just to see how rachael's hair, outfit, pudge-level, will be. "oooh, this episode she's got highlights! jared, come look!" i think, out of all people on the FN, rachael deserves a new set. maybe after she takes over the world those silly execs will give her one.

12 PM: i don't care what anyone says, giada is one of the best shows on the FN. we all know we watch mostly for the visuals and not necessarily the amazing advice or recipes. her food consistently looks good (not to mention giada herself), her kitchen(s) are classy, and she has attractive friends... all the stuff we want in a FN show. yes, she is skinny and over-emphasizes italian words, but paula is fat and can't even say most words:-)

12:30 PM: i think barefoot contessa may be my favorite show on the FN. i will talk about ina in depth at some point, but i will say that i love watching her show... even when i realize i've already wasted 3.5 hours waiting for it to come on. i just love thinking about what ina does in that big old house all week while jeffrey is away at "work." ina's friends are hilarious and horrible actors, her silly openings always make me laugh ("i've never been one to go to the beach and lie in the sun..."). i love me some ina g.

1 PM: by now on saturday, i am upset that it's already 1 and i've probably been in bed all morning. ellie-vira hasn't been on that long, but i am trying to watch her more. i like the food she makes and the healthy advice and all that. once the goth pictures surface, i'll know i was right.

phew! that is my saturday morning. let's eat!

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