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Monday, July 17

Images of Yore

i'm not really a fan of these pictures that pop up when you look at a recipe.

pauler (as i imagine gordon elliott calls her... or simon cowell), i don't think you've looked like this for quite a while. looks a little pre-butter to me. now that the deen boys are off on the road you're gonna have to get it movin' delivering those sandwiches again if you want to look like this!

giada is way hotter than this and i can't believe she hasn't forced them to change this pic. the new straightened hair and sexier look needs to go up (chefs are supposed to be sexy, right?).

oh sweet, sweet Ina. love seeing you in something other than the black blouse, but this picture must have been from your 1st cookbook or your 10 year anniversary pic with jeffrey when you were 22. now i never said a chef had to be sexy and it's time you post a current photo! i love you happy and drinking that good heavy cream in your coffee.

rachael, rachael, rachael. what happened to this girl? don't get me wrong, i like the husky-voiced, highlighted, manhattan rachael a little bit more than this pleasant "up in the mountains" rachael, but there is a sweetness about her that seems to be missing lately.




At 8/02/2006 3:57 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Giada--looks fresh out of the shower. It's one of my favorite photos on the FN site, because it reminds me that she's human, too. Even an Italian goddess looks a little whipped in the morning.
Rachael--so young and innocent. I, too, love to keep track of her highlights and how much cleavage we can see. My husband is even tuned in to this now and can tell which season is which. I still say the new gravel in her voice is due to the fact that she just talks too darn much.
Ina--I love you. She makes everyday "really special." I'll really miss her when school starts, and her tailored shirts never cease to take my breath away.


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