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Monday, July 17

A Road Wasted: Paula Deens' Sons Should Stick to Delivering

i love a lot of things about FN and am willing to watch a lot of shows that seemingly waste my time, but the DEEN BOYS' new show Road Tasted just didn't hold my attention at all. maybe if dave lieberman was in the back of that covertible i would have kept watching, but lord... do these boys need their own show? don't they live off their momma's fame enough as it is? i guess paula could go at any time and they gotta get a good footing out there.

the chocolate-covered key lime pie on a stick looked good, but i would have been fine with just hearing about it via mark summers voiceover.

i will update more once i figure out how to put in the amazing pictures of jamie and bobby looking at taffy, eating taffy, talking about taffy, etc.





At 11/20/2007 12:55 AM , Blogger food traveler said...

I was looking for Emeril's restaurants, but could not find any except the New Orleans, but I found "HeadlinerDiners.com" and they even had his Las Vegas restaurant. Does anyone know of any new ones that will be opening soon.

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