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Monday, August 28

Ace of Cakes' first Mary Alice Fanclub Post

I wanna give a big shoutout to Mary Alice of Charm City Cakes (the locale of Ace of Cakes) who emailed me about my post reviewing Ace of Cakes. If you haven't checked out the show, you really should. It's entertaining and different from anything you've seen on the Food Network.

I really liked Mary Alice from the start. Her little comments and asides are just so funny ("Can he always deliver the fondant?"). Anyone wanna start a fanclub?

She also reminded me about the way we can leave comments about shows directly on Food Network's Web site:

"If you’re so moved, please email the Food Network and let them know you like it – they really do read those emails." Click here to send feedback about Ace of Cakes.

When it comes to shows that are just starting out, comments from real people truly make a difference.

Ugh... it's Monday. I have a lot of work to be catching up on. I didn't watch that bartender challenge last night. It looked like it might be all right. Hmm.... okay, back to bed (I wish).

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At 8/28/2006 10:32 PM , Blogger amanda said...

I'll help out with the Mary Alice Fan Club! As I was watching a re-run of last week's episode on Sunday I was moved again by how fun, bubbly, and spectacular Mary Alice is. I found myself thinking, "I wish I could work with her." Sincerely! I thought that!

As for the Bartender Challenge, just go watch Tom Cruise battle it out over Bryan Brown in "Cocktail." I'm sure Joanna has that somewhere (or at least the soundtrack).

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