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Thursday, August 3

Dave Does a Lot

yes, dave is dessert. this trifle goes out to my friend amanda who, yesterday on her blog, complained about these multi-layer desserts and her fear they were taking over the FN. i agree that they are sort of gross looking and make the cake all soggy, but how can you not love anything this man makes? he was so excited about eating the thing he hardly looked up during the entire demo. the few shots i have are about the only times he glanced our way. sweet dave.

and speaking of sweet dave, our boy is getting a good amount of press over his new Web-only show Dave Does. this being the 2nd sexual innuendo FN has used for a dave show, the first being Eat This, which i sadly, crazily, unforgivably, did not really watch all that much. i will commit myself much more to DD. ABC News gave a little mention, and so did this place.

all this going on and i still don't know which macy's and what time he'll be here this sunday!




At 8/03/2006 5:43 PM , Blogger amanda said...


Oh, Dave, darling, luscious Dave...WHY? Why go to the trifle? It's so easy, so predictable, so not you. You're sweet, sexy, and now, so don't do yesterday's dessert disaster. FN has tried to convince us that fondue is retro chic, both on Rachael and on Top 5, but trifles don't need to make a comeback. (Come to think of it, wine spiked cheese doesn't need to either.) I hope the next episode of Dave Does has a more inspiring, tantalizing recipe. (I still dream about his Black Bean soup.)

Don't worry, you'll hear no more from me. I will not talk about this on my blog, because the few readers I have are already calling me crazy for going on and on about the terrible trifle; I will simply respond to this and be done. I just don't understand what's so exciting about trifles...and I never shall.


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