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Sunday, August 6

dave LIE-berman????

UPDATE: Thanks to Nick on MySpace, I found out that Dave's 8/6 D.C. appearance is going to be rescheduled. I'll update again when I find out when.

so, very sadly, i must report that i was never able to get confirmed information about this supposed dave lieberman "demonstration and book signing," scheduled for sometime today at one of the many Macy's in D.C. ugh! dave, at least when giada was here she had her shit together and had a few ads in the newspapers to get the word out.

i can only hope and pray that this was an unfortunate accident with scheduling, old information, etc. i wouldn't think that lil' dave would intentionally mislead his fans.

when i called macy's, this was their response:

"sir, i am only part-time. i don't know anything about dave lieberman."

so, i am at a loss with this. i hope any future appearances are a little better publicized:-/

Luxist.com is reporting that dave, along with sandra lee with be appearing at the 2nd Annual Hamptons Wine & Food Festival. i'll believe it when i see it.

this begs the question, where is my hamptons girl, ina? and why is she not appearing? hmmm...

maybe it's jeffrey's weekend at home.




At 8/07/2006 8:38 PM , Anonymous Laura said...

that's great that his appearance is going to be rescheduled! yeah, so i ended up calling all area Macys, and when i asked for store events, they just told me about the current sales. boo hiss!!

keep me posted about the rescheduled date!


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