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Tuesday, August 1

dave lieberman is on his way

dave lieberman's Web site has been updated with some exciting new features including an audio blog, a newsletter, and lots of appearance information. i am very excited about his "book signing and demonstration" this sunday at macy's here in DC. he's traveling around a bit during these last few months of 2006, so check out when he's going to be in your area.

another somewhat odd section to his site is his forum (don't know how i overlooked it this long) and the topic: So everyone is dying to know, Are you straight or gay??? It's the second most viewed topic in his whole forum and filled with a lot of comments going back and forth about whether he IS or ISN'T. as far as i've seen, dave has not replied to any of the questions. personally, i think there's something up with dave and that cricket character who was in the "cooking with kids" episode.

jared and i aren't really sure and, like most people in the forum, are more interested in just being entertained by him for 30 minutes.

i want dave to keep me guessing. i'd rather be unsure than upset;-)




At 8/02/2006 3:39 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Dave is on his way, no doubt. But you/we need to address the sudden onslaught of new FN shows over the summer. The Deen Boys (already mentioned), Ace of Cakes (can't wait), and dear Alton. Let's never forget Alton.
Alton is my favorite one I love to hate. Sure his info on how to pick a proper scallop is informative and important to know, but I don't want to see his rip off cross between Ewan McGregor's trek around the world on a motorbike and Jamie and Bobby's trek across the country looking for hideaway hometown food favorites. (Who's idea came first anyway?) He needs to keep his butt in his Iron Chef America chair and off his bike.

At 9/22/2007 7:29 PM , Blogger Tony said...

This guy should be called "Mr. over user of prepositions" guy

At 3/20/2010 5:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i so want to corrupt dave...he's hawt!

At 5/13/2011 1:33 PM , Anonymous Viagra Online said...

well about the sign in the picture, for the face of that guy and the way in he look that corns, and the position in he is...OK I don't want to be unpolite saying something incorrect.


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