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Friday, August 18

Friday Ramblings

If you missed last night's premiere of Ace of Cakes, you're not the only one. After my spirited post yesterday about commiting myself to watching it, giving it a chance, etc., I forgot. Jared and I walked out the door to a birthday party downtown and I forgot to set the DVR. I don't feel that bad seeing that TV Food Fan forgot, as well. What is it with these (somewhat) late time slots for shows? Not just on the Food Network but everywhere. Lovespring International on at 11 p.m. EST? Not for this working boy.

I am going to be a good blogger this weekend and get my stuff together. Prepare for the ultimate criticism...

This is currently on the food network's Web site in the TV section. They are really trying to promote the MAN'S NETWORK aspect right now, aren't they? I don't show it, but Alton Brown's mug is right above that, too. I realize what the network is trying to do, but is is really working? Are the images of Billy-Bobby Deen and Jimmy-Jo Deen really gettin' both the ladies and the men hooked on the channel? I may need to do some market research, but I think men want more boobs and less dudes.




At 8/18/2006 7:37 PM , Blogger amanda said...

I just don't understand why you're hatin' on my Deen Boys. There so cute, and Jamie's head's so gargantuan (sp?). I laugh as soon as they laugh, and they keep me happy. I know it's a rip off of RayRay's Tasty Travels, but I can stomach them eating so much more than watching her wrap her huge mouth around a sub from Philly.

Yeah, I had every intention of watching Ace, too. That's why God made reruns.

At 8/18/2006 7:39 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Sorry for the typo. "They're" so cute is what I meant to say.

Also, I agree with the late night slots. The night shows should start at 6, and they should move the Alton/Sommers double bill to the later hours. If I was in charge, everything would be fine.

At 8/18/2006 10:24 PM , Blogger Mike said...

Well, I didn't forget as much as I just never made it to the remote to change the channed to Food Network.

Yes, despite what some may think, I do manage to find time for things other than watching FN!

Honestly, with the number of promos they ran for Ace, I have a feeling that the airing of the show itself may be anticlimactic...


At 8/19/2006 3:34 PM , Blogger jrs said...

I agree. The promos for Ace have been nonstop. After seeing how bad Sugar Rush was, I'm hoping this one will have a slightly better, more engaging format.

PS- Not that I'm hating on CakeLove or Love Cafe here in D.C., as I've been known to shell out the $3 several times for my individual cupcake.


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