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Tuesday, August 8

guess who #2

Armchair Cook and BoingBoing have posted this little game where you have to guess, based on an extreme closeup, if what you're looking at is a food network star, or a porn star. it's pretty funny. i am actually more surprised about the amount of stills you can get of giada looking disgusted, which can be found here at TVGasm. so, without giving it away:

i actually took this photo, so forgive the lighting and bluriness please.

that's right, it's my favorite italian chef/daughter of a movie mogul/FN star, Giada De Laurentiis!!!

these pictures come from her Rockville, Maryland book signing at Barnes and Noble in April. it was a real gloomy day and kept raining throughout the entire event.

giada was about 30 minutes late (not sure why), and when she finally sat down they put her directly in front of these huge windows! it sucked for pictures, as you can see. so glad the Sports Authority came out so clearly there in the background.

security was tight at this thing, too. lots of strict "no standing areas" and uniformed important-looking people. i chose to not stand in the line, as giada was only signing copies of her newest cookbook. not having a huge family to cook for, i thought it was best to not purchase family dinners right then.

giada was as smiley as ever, despite the rain. she seemed genuinely happy to meet and talk to people too, which was nice. i just wish she would have done this in a better location. D.C. has a lot more to offer than a strip-mall, Rockville Barnes and Noble. Oh well.

Anyone else catch a book signing?

PS- if you can't get enough of giada, check out Giada Fan. it's run by the same guy who does Men in Aprons, another great site. Check them out.




At 8/08/2006 2:43 PM , Anonymous Adam said...

hey! thanks for the shoutout.

I wish I could have caught a book signing. She never came this far south. Someday, maybe.

At 8/08/2006 11:04 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Could her teeth be any whiter? Oh, Giady, how I adore the way you make love to the camera with your eyes and ginormous mouth. Even in a DC strip mall, you're ready to make magic happen. Thanks for posting these (finally, ahem). :)


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