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Friday, August 11

Hope this Lieberman is a hit!

So, even though Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut lost his primary and--most likely--his seat in the Senate, that doesn't mean Dave Lieberman will be jinxed too, right? His new show, Dave Does, premieres this coming Monday the 14th at foodnetwork.com/davedoes. He is getting a lot of press about being part of this new venture for television, if you can call it that. Personally, I don't love watching shows on my computer. Even with a super-fast connection the image can be a little shakey, and obviously not as clear. I will give it a go for Dave, though.

I think it'll be really good. I gave Eat This another try last night and was pleasantly surprised. I think the layout might be a little too graphic-intense (required some extra waiting time) and might be better off a little more streamlined.

Jared's been on a big gelato kick lately, so the episode all about this delicious Italian treat was cool to watch.

Dave really got into the flavors and process behind making gelato. Jared on the other hand prefers the vanilla from Trader Joe's. Sigh.


It's Friday. Yay! Hope everyone has a good weekend. Make sure to watch the new Good Deal with Dave Lieberman and Barefoot Contessa tomorrow morning!




At 8/11/2006 3:38 PM , Blogger amanda said...

I agree with you, jrs, I don't like to watch TV on my computer, either. Um, that's why I own a TV. (Actually, I own two of 'em.) This venture of FN's isn't quite earth shattering, either. But, as you said, I'll give it a go for Mr. Lieberman.

I have to go watch Chiarello do his panini thang. Hey, when will you get on him? He's gay, right? Or is he not telling like you think Dave isn't?


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