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Wednesday, August 23

Jeffrey Garten is One Lucky Bastard

I've been able to find a lot of fellow Food Network addicts on Facebook. One of the best groups I recently came across is called "Jeffrey Garten is One Lucky Bastard." Check out the description:

"What's that we smell baking in the oven? Why it's pain-au-chocolat bread pudding. And who has come-a-creeping from the office? Jeffrey Garten, lucky husband of Ina, host of Food Network's Barefoot Contessa, named after her former gourmet shoppe. Not only does Jeffie, former dean of the Yale School of Management, get to come home to such a rockin, former US nuclear energy budget-writin, Parisian market shoppin babe, who loved him so much she dropped out of school to marry and support him during and after his tour in Vietnam, he reaps daily the tasty benefits of her culinary creativity. Thank your lucky stars, Jeff--you've as many of those as the number of batches of outrageous brownies churned out of your beloved's kitchen."

So funny! Jeffrey really is a lucky guy.




At 9/10/2008 5:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun to watch Ina present Jeffrey as a food idiot....suggesting he's barely able to light the barbecue!
Between the frat houses at Dartmouth, the White House mess, the business-lunch circuit, and now presumably the rubber-chicken circuit since he's on the lecture rounds.....it's no wonder he relishes coming home to Ina's cooking.
How come Ina's clearly gained some weight since her youth...while Jeffrey seems to stay pretty steadily paunch-free?


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