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Sunday, August 20

Never cook something for the first time for someone you're not sleeping with

I am loving all the comments I have been getting about the recent Chiarello and Sandra posts. It should be noted that I do not hate Sandra or her show:-) I think even Aunt Sandy, in her infinite wisdom, understands there is a somewhat comical nature to her program and plays it up for us, the viewing public. Now, possibly if Sara's Secrets could have had an episode of her scantily clad out on the beach, she'd still be on the air today=)

Thanks to the comment from Jenny V.,
this article from the San Francisco Chronicle gives us a bit more insight into the life of Mr. Michael Chiarello, heterosexual to the max.

He really does sound like an interesting guy. We even get a mention of his WIFE, Eileen, who is a "skilled photographer." There are a lot of people in this pic, so I put in captions to help you:

HA! Actually, that mysterious man in the background in not credited. I just took an educated guess:-)

Some of my favorite quotes are:

"The rule of thumb is to never cook something for the first time for someone you're not sleeping with."


The shows all have strong followings -- especially, he says, in the gay community. "We seem to have a very large gay audience," he smiles, "which is great."

And now some news niblets to tide you over for the rest of the

- People in Austin wanna get Rachael's and Paula's addresses!

- Daughter defies the norm, uses Food Network to make great meals for parents.

- Dave Lieberman uses his expertise to pick out the best ice cream scoop on the market.

I am working on reviewing Ace of Cakes from last night and will try to post my review tomorrow. I've heard from several people that they really liked it, so I'm hoping for the best. Have a good Sunday!




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