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Monday, August 7

Proof that Rachael Ray is Taking Over the World

Rachael Ray has been keeping busy, as we all know. She's got 15 shows on the FN and a daytime talk show is set to premiere this September. I took a look at her Web site and was shocked to see all the other things she was up to:

:-) HA! But seriously, i am interested in that psychic network.

i really hope that rachael's show does well. i worry about most "celebrities" taking on talk shows since so many of them fail (so long sharon osbourne, roseanne, wayne brady, and tempestt-- to name a few). i'm so glad Ellen is a hit. don't know what she and portia would be doing otherwise.

i have my ticket request in for rachael's show. it would be a nice october birthday present. i happen to have a very hyperactive friend living in new york city right now, so it would surely be a super high-energy event. jared's not thrilled about the idea, yet:-) it'll take some time to convince him. we were all set to go to a taping of Ellen last year, but that fell through. had our tickets and everything. hopefully rachael will accept us graciously into her EVOO-loving arms.

you'd think growing up in Illinois all your life would equal a greater chance of getting Oprah tickets. not so. her ticket process is a bit more archaic and aggravating. a phone line randomly opens for a few days with no warning (you just have to keep checking her Web site) and you get a limited window in which to call. let me tell you, it is impossible to get through on this phone line. i don't think oprah's people even answer it. they just laugh uncontrollably while the entire world tries to get through. there's also a "last-minute email option" in which you usually have to make your case as to why you relate to the given topic. so far, oprah has not approved me:-/

so, what does all of this mean? i'm not sure. basically, oprah owns the world and that includes rachael ray's show. i just want a ticket.




At 8/07/2006 10:10 PM , Blogger amanda said...

This may be your best work yet. That magazine cover is AMAZING. I can't wait for those 30 minute facials.

I, on the other hand, actually hope that her show doesn't do well. I'm sorry, RayRay, but let's stick to doing what we know. Whenever I read her column about what's in celebrities' fridges at the back of the magazine, I get the willies. Her questions are so archaic and stilted. As I read it I can hear the celebrities answering her questions unwillingly and as quickly as possible (even you, sweet, noble Diane Sawyer). I can't imagine what her live interviewing skills must be. And, I do want to say, that if she ever gets that kitchen makeover you mentioned last week, I'll lay in the fetal position weeping. There's just something so comforting about that bright, tiled, retro kitch. (Get it? "Kitch"? Yeah, nevermind.)


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