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Wednesday, August 16

Review of Dave Does - Dave Lieberman's new Web Show

After much waiting, I finally got to catch the first two Webisodes of Dave Lieberman's new show Dave Does. The layout was surprisingly similar to that of Eat This-- flash-heavy and filled with little "extras" like a photo album, recipes from the webisode, and addresses for the places Dave visits. There are even little icons you can drag around the screen for amusement (apple and crayons in the 1st one, donuts in the 2nd). Dave Does is basically the same show as Eat This, as far as I can tell. He did seem a bit more at ease, though, this time around which was pleasant. He even threw in a little comedy-- something we don't always get in Good Deal.

Dave checks out the latest culinary trends in cafeteria food in the 1st webisode. yommy yommy. School lunch has always had a bad reputation and I suppose its just gotten worse. Kids should suffer through it, though! Everyone else did. I can't imagine being a 2nd grader today, knowing my biggest worry was whether I'd choose the citrus-rubbed edamame and wheatberry salad or the herb-encrusted pork medallions for lunch. What happened to Salisbury Steak?

Dave goes straight to the kids to find out their own opinions on school lunch in New York City. Of course, none of the kids like the food. Did anyone ever really admit to liking school cafeteria food? All right, the pizza was kind of good in a, "I'm at school. Eating Pizza!" kind of way.

Dave also visits Chef Bobo, who prepares gourmet meals for kids each day. He seemed nice and very dedicated to providing healthy, tasty meals to children...

...although that could just be the case because he's gaining their trust so he can harvest their embryos, merge them with frozen ones, and create the next Jurassic Park!!!! Hmm... perhaps not:-)

Dave, always trying to keep the kids healthy, checks out the latest in donut trends in the 2nd webisode! He really got into his goofy, childlike side in this one. So cute.

Evidently, you must be a crazyhead if you want to own a specialty donut shop. Both guys who spoke to Dave about making donuts seemed out of it. Maybe they had been up all morning baking, but still. Especially, the Voodoo Donut shop...

Dave participates in this wedding held right in the shop! A fun little touch is the huge donut the happy couple shares at the end. It's a little wacky, but Dave seems to enjoy it. Still, donuts always look good to me and these specialty ones definitely look like a dessert I'd like to try.

Dave's little dream sequence was cute, if not a little over-the-top. But I'll forgive Dave on this one. I don't think we'll be seeing Emeril with a teddy bear anytime soon.


All in all, I was very pleased with this new series and think it's a cool idea. The episodes are very short (under seven minutes), so you're able to skip out quickly, and the added content is a nice feature. I did watch my mandatory Saturn and Sprint ads, which were fine. They were short.

Dave sort of got mentioned in the New York Times today too, so check it out. Now, back to Sandra Lee...

Just kidding. Before I go, I must give two special mentions to two (2) different legends:

Elvis died on this day in 1977. I have been to Graceland three times during Elvis Week and each time waited for hours outside the gates in the hot, Memphis sun to get a chance to pay my respects to the King. I must credit my own sister Joanna and my friend Amanda at BingBongBoom for instilling this love in me. I think Elvis would have liked the Food Network, as he was known for his special food preferences (meatloaf, fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches, etc.). And anyone who has been to Graceland or Memphis knows that the barbeque sandwich with the coleslaw on the top is a rare treat.

Also, we musn't forget Madonna, who turns 48 years young today (and if I remember right, Michael Jackson turns the same age very shortly). I'm not exactly sure how I can work her into this Food Network blog, so let's see: Madonna has appeared several times on Oprah, whose production company Harpo is producing Rachael Ray's talkshow. Phew!

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