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Thursday, August 10

sandra lee is one wacky lady

A lot of food bloggers have written about sandra lee and her TV show Semi-Homemade. I feel comfortable saying that most of what's been written is not what Sandra would consider "positive feedback"-- not exactly the kind of reviews she'd want to print out, laminate, glue onto construction paper, and turn into a tablescape if you know what I mean.

I wouldn't go as far as the writer at Semi-Horrible Cooking does (she gets completely skewered at this site), since I am able to take the good things from Sandra's show and at least see the humor in them. This must be the overall mentality of a lot of food network executives.

Anyhow, her show's opening recently changed finally. Here's what I loved about the original:

so, she starts out with this fun grin and then UP goes to the tablecloth! Sandra disappears.

VOICEOVER: You know, I have been cooking and entertaining for years-- the traditional way my grandmother taught me.

No joke, right when she says "the traditional way my grandmother taught me," this picture shows up:

Is this what Sandra's grandmother was teaching her? I think this looks more like a pitcher of margaritas than "Grandma's apple pie." Maybe that's why this opening changed so frequently.

I also love the white shirt with the tie-front and jeans she wears when she hops down the steps. Pictures to come once I get them uploaded.

I love this person's video of Sandra's opening. They actually just videotaped it right off the screen! This is the kind of stuff I would do as a kid. I think I still have En Vogue's "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" taped right off the VH1 screen somewhere. Anyhow, kudos to whomever posted it. I love it! And to you, Sandra, keep on drinking!




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