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Friday, September 1

Stuff I've Made

I don't want y'all to think I simply watch the food network just to be amused by the hosts. I (try to) cook, too! Jared makes fun of me when things I've tried like Ina's shortbread heart cookies or Giada's creamy orzo pasta come out wrong (let's just say I learned why it's important to use an actual rolling pin and not just a can of Pam), but I do my best. One thing that Jared and I made that actually turned out quite good was those french tartines Ina made in the episode that switches back and forth between Paris and her mansion/plantation home.

Okay, granted this doesn't really count as "cooking," they were still yummy.

I've also made Giada's espresso brownies a few times and they were great. Seriously, if I could just spend all my money on specialty ingredients and fancy cookware, I would.

This day has been quite a snoozer. It's also pouring rain here in D.C., so that's just making me want to curl up in bed.

I'll have some exciting updates regarding the Mary Alice Fan Club very soon! I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!




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