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Saturday, August 26

Tyler Florence is Blowing Up

From what I can tell, Tyler Florence seems to have a pretty big following. As you may or may not have heard, Tyler will be developing some exclusive menu items for the Applebee's chain. There are even a few Web sites made by fans dedicated to him and his apparent sex-symbol status.

Lately, however, ummm, Tyler has... let's just say... if Tyler was a ball of homemade dough, he would have doubled in size and would be ready for baking. I don't mean to be mean, just noticing=) Was he trying to impress that Jack lady back in the day and no longer needs to keep himself up?

Hmmm... somehow I doubt that. Perhaps someday I'll go into the beauty that is How to Boil Water. I think Tyler works much better on his own.

His new show Tyler's Ultimate showcases Tyler's "favorite" (and coincidentally, the least healthy) versions of his downhome classic recipes. As I've mentioned before, I think the set for this show is awesome (btw, has the video quality of Food Network shows improved lately? Looks much clearer and smoother, less like a TV news segment).

So sweet he is, going right to that refrigerator.

I still think Tyler is great. My friend
Amanda told me how her former boss just loved Tyler Florence even more the bigger he got. He does have that adorable Pillsbury Doughboy-kinda thing going on right now. Bet that boss is in heaven.

It's an exciting weekend here. Going to a BBQ in a bit (bringing those cupcakes I made), gotta review the 2nd webisode of Dave Does, and check out a few other shows I taped. Hope you all are having a great weekend.




At 8/26/2006 6:36 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Lovin' your Tyler post! He is so cute and doughy. Hope you didn't leave those cream cheese cakes out ALL week. How did that ginger work for ya? Make 'em for us sometime... after Dos those just may be delectable (or, maybe not; depends on how much queso we gobble).


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