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Wednesday, August 9

we need new episodes, ina garten!

my friend amanda over at BingBongBoom is upset about the lack of new Barefoot Contessa episoes. seriously, what is a season of taping for ina? films 2 shows then it's off to the casino? seriously, ina. give us something new!

I think the one on Saturday was a new one, so I'm grateful for that. Amanda's right, though... how many times do we have to watch you cook some $50 fillet of beef sandwiches for friends to take to the beach while you stay at home?!? Doesn't make good sense, Ina. You should be hitting the beach. You seemed to enjoy cooking that chicken on the grill that one time. What happened?

Ina has been criticized before for insisting her viewers use only "good" ingredients. I actually saw the bottle of vanilla she uses at Williams Sonoma recently and, yes, it looked "good." Probably much better than the bottle available at your local store. But still.

More to come on this as I get more time to develop my thoughts. Ina, take note of this.

Check out this article in the daily dish section of the san francisco chronicle. Somehow an article about Martha Stewart settling with the SEC turns into a Rachael Ray-bashing fest. It even gets a little ugly when they bring Ina into the mix ("I would call Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) plump/fat or Paula Deen. Smoke some more crack you anorexic jerkoffs. Giada DeLaurentis is anorexic. Obviously she doesn't eat her own food. Oh, and never trust a thin chef.")





At 8/09/2006 6:47 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Holy RachaelRaymeatballs, Batman, could you have found better Ina pictures for this post??? I don't think so! And thank you so much for finally letting the people know how much a bottle of "good vanilla" costs. She should look freaked out at the thought of making us lowly plebians pay $40 for a 4 oz. bottle of vaniller.


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