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Wednesday, September 20

Check Out Dave's Gadgets

Such strong feelings out there when it comes to Ms. Ray! I guess that doesn't come as a surprise, but jeez... give her a chance. There are/were many WORSE talkshow hosts out there. AND it's just that, a talkshow. Pure entertainment.

Now, with that out of the way, it's time to return to someone I can't imagine getting on anyone's nerves, Dave!

My Dave posts usually don't get many comments, so I'll take that to mean you all share in the love for Lieberman.

Webisode about Kitchen Gadgets was funny. I have a feeling the producers just pushed our little Davie further and further with each one they shot to be funnier/weirder.

If you haven't been watching, please take 8 minutes out of your day to catch at least one of these funny webisodes of Dave Does. I really have learned some interesting things that actually haven't been on the Food Network before.

That's Dave licking ice cream out of a churn you can use while camping to make homemade ice cream. Looks a little like a grenade, but I guess that's an all right gadget. If you like the outdoors. And ice cream.

Too bad I wasn't in NYC that week to check out Dave's gadgets underneath that big trenchcoat!

He's so silly. All he had underneath there were some vegetable peelers.

In a sweet segment, Dave teaches some kids about different methods of heating and the science behind it. Look at those guns!

This was supposed to be some sort of gadget to remove a cork. Dave had a little explosion, though.

Kitchen Gadgets is a funny one to check out.

Back to RayRay, I watched the 2nd episode last night after I got home, hoping/praying things would be a little better. She kept herself a little more under control, but still interrupted Oprah a few times (something I wouldn't think Oprah would stand for!!!!) and got real loud from time to time. Oprah also seemed a bit tired, with her mind elsewhere (she was leaving for South Africa shortly) and wasn't the best celebrity guest to play off of for Rachael. Shucks.

UPDATE: We have a little bit more information on Rachael's partnership with Epic Records, as I first reported on Aug. 21. The "How Cool is That" Christmas CD, along with the "Too Cool for School" mixtape for kids will hit the shelves in October. Also, there's added info on her "unique cellular voicetones" to be released early 2007. I can only imagine what the haters will say to that one! =)

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