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Monday, September 4

Giada's Family Smiles

Happy Labor Day to everyone reading this in the USA. So far, I've spent it by laboring as little as possible. Meanwhile, the Food Network has been keeping up with a "Quick & Easy" marathon of shows we've all seen before. Ugh... I need something to keep me from going back to bed.

Okay, that was it. Sheesh. How many teeth are up in there?

Mom's smile is large, too. Doesn't really come close to Giada's. Nice lips, though. Honrable mention for that.

I was in Rome last summer and don't remember seeing smiles like these.

Giada's hubby shouldn't even bother when he's around her family. Just look at that pathetic grin.

Ahhh, well. I know people are scared/annoyed/whatever that the Food Network is moving away from traditional "cooking shows" to a more flavored fare. I'm not really that worried. As long as there are smiles like these, I'll keep watching.




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