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Thursday, September 7

Ina Garten's Bringing Sexy Back!

You know, Food Network stars and chefs in general don't get enough credit when it comes to starting fashion trends. Sure, their recipes and cookbooks and shows are what people should care about most, but we know--deep down-- we really just tune it to see what travesty Sandra has donned or what kind of shirt Emeril is sporting.

So, I think we need to give credit where credit is due when it comes to the ever-popular "popped collar" look that we all know Ina Garten created.

Look at that! It's true that
Abercrombie quickly caught on, but it really was Ina that created this signature look. Above is what Ina calls a double pop, but sometimes she thrills us with...

... a single! If you've ever checked out
Ina's Web page, you'd know that her shirts are not just any old thing you can pick up at the mall. No, they are specially made for her by a "dressmaker in New York City." I know it's upsetting. I guess if any of you were planning on being Ina for Halloween you'll have to settle for a knock-off at Ann Taylor.

PS- Just Kidding. I am a dork-- obviously.




At 8/31/2008 9:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ina is a very pretty lady and I watch her show more for her lovely manner and charm than I do for the cooking.

At 9/01/2008 3:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ina for Halloween is the best idea ever.

At 9/07/2008 4:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inas calm manner and soothing voice makes me feel I can really cook just like her! She is so easy to watch and learn from.

At 11/01/2008 2:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

She pops her collar open because she's a big fat pig and would choke to death if she didn't!...has nothing to do with making a fashion statement...you a ss wipes!


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