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Tuesday, September 12

Nigella Creates Crafty Cookery

This kind of lead from a UK paper makes me realize once again how boring we Americans often are when it comes to journalism: "TELLY chef Nigella Lawson is staging a TV comeback with a Christmas cookery series."

Telly? Chiristmas cookery? Why don't we have any cool expressions like this in the U.S.?

I really know very little about this "uniquely talented and distinctive cook," as she is often referred. "The interesting thing about food is that it's both reality and escape. …Before you know it, you have made something that seduces people," says Nigella.

There's been a lit of chitter chatter on these blogs about her competing with GDL. Is this going to be a competition for best cook, best show, or best cleavage? You never hear about Tyler Florence competing with Emeril for best cleavage, but it might be just the time for that! =)

But seriously, let me know about Nigella and her cookery.




At 9/13/2006 11:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've never seen "nigella bites"? oh my lord she invented the sexy cookery. she is the o.g.d.l. when i first watched every day italian i was truly shocked at how much they lifted off of the camera style and look and feel of nigella's show. i've grown to like giada but nigella is queen and still champion. seriously. -m.a.

At 9/14/2006 8:45 AM , Blogger jacob said...

I've just gotten used to this new cable system. I think I have the Style network (she is/was on that?).

I haven't even seen it, but I know what you mean about the camera technique and smooooootttthhhhhhneeesssss Giada's show has become. It'll be interesting to see the original:-)

I commented about camera technique a while ago. Overall, it seems to have improved. The image just looks a lot better. Are they not using TV station cameras anymore, or something?

At 9/15/2006 2:08 PM , Blogger Cate said...

I can't wait 'till her new show starts on FoodTV Network next month...

At 10/02/2006 7:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am absolutely stunned as to how Everyday Italian has riffed off of Nigella Bites. The camera angles, the sold discussion at the beginning - so much for originality! I even notice the same formula, although to a lesser extent, being utilized in the Barefoot Contessa. Nigella (and her former husband John) invented this format and now the Queen has a seat at the table here in the US.

She's no copy cat, she's the real deal.

"mmmmmm, now how easy was that?"


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