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Monday, September 25

Rachael does 20/20

Rachael's interview on 20/20 last Friday was rather uneventful. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, Rachael is still relatively known to the Food Network audience and the people who have picked up her books. Thus, her interview focused primarily on the things many of us already know: early jobs, how she got started in TV, her current shows on TV, etc.

Interestingly, Barbara Walters appeared on this episode of 20/20 (she only makes occasionally appearances, now), but didn't do the Rachael interview. Deborah Roberts, wife of Al Roker and host of his own FN show (conspiracy!), pitched in.

For having worked 12 straight hours, I think Rachael looks really nice here. Her voice was smokier than ever, though!

Rachael's mom also made a little appearance, but she was mostly seen and not heard (more due to the fact that the interview was edited to be so short).

Rachael also deflected the same criticisms she consistently receives. I'm sort of tired of hearing her say "I'm a cook, not a chef"-- I know. I still think the other criticisms are irrelevant at this point. Nowhere does it state that the Food Network's intention is to only "showcase world-class chefs and solely instruct viewers how to cook gourmet food." If the people who are complaining want to start their own television network with that concept, go right ahead.

During the interview they briefly flashed some pictures of Rachael's early years. REALLY early.

The whole thing couldn't have clocked in in more than 5 minutes. Maybe it'll get some added viewers, though.

It's reallllllly early and I'm leaving for my flight in a few minutes. Hopefully this will be more fun than work:-/




At 9/26/2006 1:43 AM , Blogger Madeline said...

Well said, Jacob.

I admire her ability to deal with all the criticism she gets. You wouldn't think she would need to repeat it over and over, but she still gets criticized for not being a chef and not chopping an onion correctly. Whatever. Girl can cook.


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