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Tuesday, October 24

Ace of Cakes Visits Leno, Part II

Finally. Sorry for keeping you all on the edge of your seat about this one. You should have watched the episode, though, so nothing should be much of a surprise.

Except a little problem Duff seems to be suffering from...

For his cake. Duh. He tried using chocolate and paint tool to create a wood grain effect. It didn't really work out at first using this method.

He managed to figure it all out, though. That's what a young (virile) pastry chef does, after all. =)

After Duff and co. finish the cakes for back home, he and Geof head to L.A. to get ready for Leno. I guess I didn't realize that the majority of the baking would need to be done there. In the hotel room.

Oh, and welding and sparking and blowtorching, too.

I think Duff would be a funny person to room next to in a hotel. Imagine all those exciting noises and flames coming outta that room.

They barely manage to finish the cake in time to climb into a van and get driven to the studio. It's crazy thinking of them driving on the L.A. freeways with that in the back seat. Crazy!

Poor Mary Alice was stuck in Baltimore the whole time...

But she had "corn" to keep her excited.

That corn did look really, really good. Hmmm.....

As I mentioned before, Duff got to help out a bit on this trip to L.A. and bake a cake for Habitat for Humanity. I think that's a great gesture, as I'm sure he was busy enough trying to get ready for Leno.

I'm glad that "Ace" got to show the big event (the legalities of that all, you know). It would have been a bummer to just hear about how the cake explosion went.

An awesome episode. So exciting for Duff and his whole bakery.

I'll have more info on next season's Ace of Cakes soon. 'Til then, enjoy your fun Tuesday.




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