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Tuesday, October 17

Ace of Cakes Visits Leno

I have been meaning to write about this episode of Ace of Cakes for a while. It was really funny and actually had so many good moments I think I'll divide this post up. If you didn't watch it, WHY? Perhaps you just returned from Malawi and were doing more important things, in which case I will forgive you.

Anyhow, this episode started off with Duff telling us that he'd been asked to come onto the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and "blow up a cake."

Duff seems pretty excited, obviously. It sounds easy enough, but it became a huge amount of work (guess you can't exactly make a cake in baltimore that large and then just bring it along on the airplane just fine).

Luckily, he was able to get to work and at least assembly some of the pieces before leaving for L.A.

Can't really take credit for that since Duff actually said that! :-)

One of the great things about the show is when it shows some of the philanthropic activities Charm City Cakes does. This episode included a little visit from a troupe of Brownies.

They all seemed to really enjoy the little projects Duff had set up for them-- fondant roses and personally decorated cakes to take home. So fun!

Geof sadly missed most of the Brownie fun, but that doesn't mean he was forgotten. Geof is starting to get quite the following, I hear (from both females and males alike).

He really is quite enjoyable to watch. This little scene of him making royal icing was hilarious.

And you know I can't forget about Mary Alice when I post something about Ace of Cakes. She must have been a busy little bee during the taping of this episode, as we didn't get to see her as much. She did manage to do a quick interview in front of a pretty green background.

How am I supposed to put my arrows and things on that, though?! :-)

Ugh. It's only Tuesday. There's much more to this episode once Duff arrives in L.A. To be continued...

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