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Friday, October 6

Food Network Meets "Network" Part II

I kid, I kid. Bobby Flay is definitely not (maybe possibly, though) an alien. Yesterday I thought his eyes looked strange. On the Early Show, though, he actually had no eyeballs.

Whacha think about that, Bobby?

(It's Friday and I'm a little out of it. Give me a break) =)

I did actually catch a bit of THROWDOWN! (I think I'll start capitalizing one-word titles, too, Amanda) last night. It was the doughnut episode and, since I could probably eat doughnuts all day, I gave BF my attention. The fancy doughnut he whipped up with fresh peaches and hazlenuts was quite fancy and sounded good, but it was no surprise that the police officer judges chose the easier-to-handle, less "gourmet" one. Bobby didn't look all that happy to lose, but I guess that has to come once in a while.

I haven't really watched (at least until the end of) THROWDOWN! before. Does anyone know if Bobby typically wins these challenges?

Anyhow, Dave cooked up some recipes (that have already been on Good Deal... I'll forgive you, though) for the crew at Good Morning America yesterday. Maybe Bobby was just tired, but at least Dave kept his eyes open.

And other things.

Diane Sawyer only came on for the last second of the segment to taste and smile. Maybe she's a bit fearful after appearing on Rachael's show the first day.

Dave was on his best behavior, though, and didn't interrupt or yell:-)

Even one more FN personality made the rounds of the morning shows yesterday.

Yes, that Crocs-loving chef is none-other than the recently-axed Mario Batali. He appeared along with Bill Buford, author of Heat. Mario was in good spirits, though, for the early hour. I'm sure he'll be fine without making new episodes of "Molto Mario."

They showed how to make fresh pasta. It was awesome, but I doubt I'll ever find the time to do that. We'll see.

So glad for the weekend to be here. It's raining, though. Whatever. I'll go Party with Paula tonight if I have to;-) Hope you all enjoy it!

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