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Tuesday, October 3

Getcha Ina On

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I truly enjoy Ina Garten and her show Barefoot Contessa. Her's was one of the first shows I started watching regularly, and that's sort of odd considering I had very limited cooking experience/knowledge. One would think I might be more attracted to Rachael Ray or Sandra.

Somehow this pleasant and excited (yet always in-control) host captured my heart (and stomach) with her easy approach and delicious-sounding recipes. Even though I've only made about 3 things I've seen, I still try to tune in every Saturday and Sunday.

Ina's "guests" are one of the best aspects of the show. I am fully convinced that if I ever go to East Hampton, New York I will already know every gay man that lives there.

More on that some other time. I think it'd be fun to profile all the men Ina knows.

Her Web site, www.barefootcontessa.com is also great. My favorite part is the FAQ:

Can I buy the music from Ina's show?

Unfortunately, we had the music written specifically for the show, so it's not commercially available. However, the music was inspired by CD's that I like: Costes La Suite ; Bryan Ferry Taxi ; Roxy Music Avalon ; Cesaria Evora, Cafe Atlantico ; and any of the Cafe Del Mar CD's. You can get them all at Amazon.com.

What is "good" mayonnaise?

I prefer Hellman's mayonnaise which is called Best in the Western part of the US. If you live in the South and can buy Duke's, it's also terrific.

How can I find the shirts that Ina wears on the show?

Unfortunately, I have my shirts made for me by a dressmaker in NY City. I wanted a certain style and couldn't find it in enough colors, so I had them custom made. The original shirt came from Eileen Fisher, so that's a good place to look.

Oh Ina. I'm not making those up, either. There are lots more on there if you are interested.

I still haven't caught Nigella. I'll be interested in seeing how much of the comparions really turn out to be true.

It's only Tuesday and it's tough being back. I think we should all get a week off after a week-long work trip. Yikes.




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