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Monday, October 30

Rachael Ray and Nancy Grace Team Up

Well, Photobucket is sort of back up and I've been able to work with some of the Sandra Lee Halloween images I had ready for today. Come back tomorrow for a fun, mega-Sandra post!

Something else just caught my eye, though, that prompted me to post.

I've already discussed what I believe to be a double standard regarding the criticism Rachael Ray receives vs. what males in the same field often get. There's been a multitude of articles written by ever-so-savvy journalists expounding upon their hatred for Ms. Ray (as the New York Times and I guess I now refer to her as) since her talkshow premiered.

I'm not even kidding when I say hatred. These people seem to have no qualms about using the word when describing their own opinion, or what they feel the majority of their readers feels/ should feel. I even read a recent post by a DC blogger that said "I kinda wish she'd just die."

Now, I realize this type of criticism is the unfortunate standard for women and don't attempt to claim I know how to change it. However I hate it even more when I read articles written by other women bashing Rachael (or any powerful, female figures).

I hate reading things that begin: "Dressed in a black dress and high heels, ________ entered the courtroom." Why is that relevant?!?! You never read: "Dressed in a suit appearing to be too snug for comfort and a tie better relegated to the Nixon-era, Dr. Phil entered the courtroom."

Soooooooo, basically that little rant came from this charming little piece from the San Diego Union Tribune entitled: "The 10 Scariest People on Television."

Okay, I get it. It's supposed to be a funny, day before Halloween list. Still, with quotes like, "[Rachael's] loud and croaky" or "you may ask yourself how someone [Nancy Grace] this demented manages to host two cable shows..." I find it a little shocking to be written by miss thing, Karla Peterson.

First of all, you don't mess with Nancy Grace. As I mentioned before, Rachael and Nancy will be competing against each other in Celebrity Jeopardy. Maybe they'll have some sort of alliance after being put on this stupid list.

Regarding Rachael:

"She's loud and croaky and her favorite color is orange. Really, whose favorite color is orange?"

Umm... people who like orange? Nickelodeon? That's who, Karla.

Regarding Nancy:

"You might also ask yourself how someone this demented manages to host two cable shows, neither of which runs on the Crazy People Network. Why is Nancy Grace's hair so big? Why, to hide her horns, of course."

Karla, you better wish that Nancy really isn't the Devil, because if she is she won't be pounding her cloven hooves upon her desk but your face.

:-) Now that's scary. Be sure to check out the rest of the list at the link above. I don't even care to link to it twice.




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