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Monday, October 2

"You've Gotta Come Back With Me"

Okay, I am back from the tropical locale I went all last week. Hope you enjoyed the three posts I was able to whip up in advance. I would have tried to do more while there, but the 15 hour work days combined with the ever-near ocean got the best of me.

But I'm back at it! Or will be, rather, once I sort through the 100+ emails and get back adjusted. Sadly, I was without Food Network all week long! I was not able to catch Paula's Party, Nigella Feasts, or even Calorie Commando (okay, wasn't that worried about missing that one)!

In the meantime, please enjoy my friend Amanda's musings on the famed British TV host known as Nigella. As I may have mentioned, I have very limited exposure to Ms. Lawson. The majority of what I hear is always good. However, Amanda gives us a different take:

This entry, entitled "Feast on This" comes from her blog

Who's excited for Nigella to come to Food Network?
Nigella Lawson is the British version of Sandra Lee. Very skinny, low-cut tops, busty bust (look out Aunt Sandy--someone's gonna give you a run for your money on the beach), and bulging eyes so excited about the last dish she just prepared. I don't know if she loves the drinky, like Aunt Sandy, but I do know she has her own personal quirk: her uptight, posh accent. She has also coined herself "the domestic goddess." Ugh.

Oh, I know some of the peeps out there will be thrilled with her. "She's so Britishy and cute!" some will say. I have seen clips of her shows while in Scotland, and I've looked through a couple of her cookbooks. She always seems so stuck up and full of herself (oops, that was repetitive, wasn't it?). All's I want to know is where is my Jamie Oliver??? He still does shows in the UK. Why didn't FN air his four-part series on school lunches and how to make them healthier? It was groundbreaking important food information our country needed to hear. Why do they only show him at 3 am every other Friday?

So many people are going to hate on me after this post, but like I said, this griping won't be a habit. You'll also probably think me a hypocrite for loving Brit chef, Oliver, and hating Brit Sandra Lee, Lawson. To appease you, I'll tell you the time of her new show:
Nigella Feasts will air at 1pm/noon central starting Sunday, October 1. Maybe I'll try her out, try to get over this dislike of her, but I can't promise you anything.

Thanks Amanda! I think she'll appreciate this unrequested posting of her writings:-) Just think of me as the Associated Press.

Stay tuned. I'll be back at it with pics and fun later on today or tomorrow. 'Til then, enjoy your Monday!




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