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Monday, November 27

Just Another Mary Alice Monday

I just got an email last night from my favorite "Ace" star Mary Alice reminding me about the second season, currently being filmed on-location in Baltimore (that sounded official, didn't it). I guess, rightfully so, the Food Network's Web site beat me to this announcement, but new episodes are slated to start airing January 18th, and the talk among FN execs has evidently been very good.

"Apparently [those execs] LOVED it, said it was the funniest ever. One exec said she felt like she was watching a sitcom. I guess that's a compliment," said Mary Alice.

I think it is. There's nothing else like it on the Food Network. I don't think we'll be seeing a fully-scripted Food Network sitcom anytime soon, but I'd like some royalties if one shows up in the next few years.

Advertising for the second season is supposed to be pretty intense, too. You may find yourself driving past a billboard just like this very soon!

Be on the lookout.

Mary Alice also told me a great story about her encounter with Alton Brown at a recent taping of Iron Chef America:

"We were sitting in the very non-vip section, a row of metal folding chairs along the backmost wall of the set. Here's a teleplay.

Alton: I don't want any trouble from this section.

Me: Well, um, sir, this is actually the designated trouble section.

Well, good thing my station is over there. (exits).


My Husband:
(swooning, he totally loves him more than i do) He totally talked to you!

Oh my god I know.

And, scene."

I love it! She can't divulge who won, but she did let me know that her taping took SIX HOURS! Now, hold onto your whisks and apron strings, the cooking itself does go only one hour. It's the closeups and set up shots that take all the extra time. That Figures.

Well, hopefully everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving overload. I myself had a nice, relaxing long weekend. Still managed to brave the crowds at various stores, but didn't really buy any presents:-/ Don't know why I always do that.

Happy Monday.

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