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Wednesday, November 1

Spooky Occurence

So, I never watch the morning news before I leave for work. Usually there's no time, I'm too sleepy, or whatever.

For some. strange. reason. it was turned on today.

I flipped a bit between the Today show and CBS before stumbling on Fox 5, the local D.C. affiliate. As I mentioned, I don't watch morning news typically-- only the Today show if I have time-- so it's very odd that I landed on Fox...

...which was airing a live demo with Duff Goldman at Charm City Cakes!

So weird! I had no knowledge that it was going to be on or anything.

Duff just showed the reporter how to decorate a cake, and unfortunately didn't really get to show off any of his more abstract ones. For the people who complain that Ace of Cakes doesn't show enough tenchnique, you should check out this video. Duff explains a bit more of the process.

There's three mini videos of the segments that aired this morning on Fox's Web site. I don't really like how the guy back in the studio gives Duff such a hard time about how much the cake costs, though! How rude!




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