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Wednesday, December 27

Holiday Recovery

Hello there! Hope your holidays were celebrated and that food was ingested (if that's a custom related to your individual holiday). Hmmm... mine was all right.

I sadly was not able to make a "12 DAVES of Christmas" post as the only really good one I could think of was "...and Dave in his famous purple tee"— he loves those purple t-shirts! We'll see-- perhaps it'll show up as a New Year's post:-)

As the year winds down, "Best of" and "Worst Of" lists start popping up for every imaginable topic. A.V. Club just posted its "Least Essential Albums of 2006" list and guess who made the cut?

Various artists, Rachael Ray: Too Cool For School Mixtape For Kids (Sony)

Rachael Ray and her handlers have dumped millions into making her an ostensibly hipper, pre-menopausal Martha Stewart. Gone are the days of Ray, the sorority girl next door with a TV show; now Ray-related crap saturates the marketplace, all bearing her vaguely malevolent grin, like a perkier version of the Joker's. It only makes sense that Ray's media carpet-bombing has spread to music, though thankfully that doesn't include her singing. Yet. Ray establishes her corporate identity with tomorrow's consumers here, picking songs that aren't great (Harry Nilsson's "Coconut"), but could be worse (The Rock-A-Teens' "Woo-Hoo"). The liner notes include recipes, though the chicken "catch-a-tory" ravioli stew is a little involved for the wee ones.

I have to admit, ever since I first heard about this Rachael CD (and the complementary Rachael ringtones) I had my doubts. It was different when Rosie released her Christmas CDs as she is a performer, has been on Broadway, and can (to some people's standards) sing.

Rachael, however, previously had no involvement in the music world and really doesn't need any. I get the whole kid connection she has, but don't think that spans to music. I don't know— maybe if I was famous I'd be putting my name on every book, knife, toothbrush, cellphone, toilet tissue, etc. that I could. Racahel has been quoted saying she's very choosy as to which companies she lends her name. Maybe it's time for her to bit choosier as to which products.




At 12/28/2006 7:34 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

As much as I love Rachael I was skeptical at first too, but there are some good songs on there. I listened to the Rhapsody Holiday channel and heard a couple of songs off of that CD, and Hall & Oates sang a couple of songs on there. Not bad!

At 12/29/2006 12:14 PM , Blogger jrs said...

I agree that the song selection is good. It's just the idea of the CD that sort of rubs me the wrong way-- kind of like how I'd feel if George W. Bush or Dick Cheney released a holiday CD, even if they have great taste in music.


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