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Friday, December 8

Paula Will do anything for Savannah

Sometimes I wonder if these Food Network stars ever regret some of the appearances they agree to do.

Case in point: Paula Deen serving as Savannah's first-ever grand marshal in their (only) second-annual "Lighted Christmas Parade."

Interesting, I don't SEE any lights behind Paula in this picture. In fact, all I see is a chain link fence and what appears to be some sort of electrical equipment. I'm sure the parade and lights were lovely, but why use this photo to promote it?

the article , appearing in Savannah Morning News, states Paula climbed into a 2004 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible to preside over the event.

Okay, I'm not a car buff, nor am I materialistic, but isn't a 2004 Bug not the best car one could tote Paula around in? Doesn't she deserve a 2007 model, at least?

Then, to make matters worse, the "hundreds" that lined up to watch aren't that apparent in the other photo used:

I count about 3 people out there. Was everyone else on the other side of the street?

Poor Paula. It's totally generous of her to spend her time with this hometown event. I just wish it would have turned out a little better.




At 12/08/2006 2:26 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

LOL on the roar of the crowd as Paula rode by. Gee, the car is just one step above riding in a 1985 Pontiac Sunfire convertible.

Also, have to give big applause to the Giada and Britney partying comment earlier. That was truly inspired, along with the Photoshop'ed photo.



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