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Sunday, December 17

Rachael Ray Book Signing

Well, Rachael Ray is set to sign copies of her newest cookbook tomorrow in the DC area (6 p.m. at the Borders near Tysons Corner).

Soooooooo, I should be getting in line right about now if I should even think about meeting Ms. Ray.

According to Borders, "300 tickets will be distributed beginning at 3 p.m."

But in Torrance, people started lining up at 6 a.m.

Chicago started preparing for the chaos (but also embraced her surprise appearance at Kitsch'n)

According to this Food Network list of signing dates, I already missed one last week here in D.C.

So, I am confused as to what to do. I'd love to take off a day from real work and just go to meet her, but at the same time I think to myself "Is that crazy?"

Since moving here, I've been to the Giada signing, tried in vain to attend the supposed Dave Lieberman signings, and stalked Ina through the window at her signing. I need to add Rachael to the list.

However, based on the attendance at the previously-mentioned signings, I can only imagine the craziness that will ensue at Rachael's. That's not my ideal gig. I'd much rather go up to New York, see a taping of her show, and then stroll the streets with Rachael while sipping on some fine coffee beverage. Is that too much to ask?

I don't want to stand in the cattle line all day, just for the chance to misspeak and say something stupid like, "You are a nice lady person, Rachael."

Ummm.... so, off I go to Borders:-) Wish me luck!




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