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Wednesday, January 10

10 Days to a New You Review

It almost took me ten days to get some quality photos and captions from Ellie Krieger's awesome Food Network special, 10 Days to a New You.

As I mentioned in
my interview with Ellie, the show features three people each facing common health and fitness issues.

Angel, an accountant, has been dieting on and off for 25 years and never can seem to find a balance between deprivation and complete over-indulgence.

Ellie immediately set Angel out with an action plan and gave her a pedometer to monitor how many steps she takes each day. Right away, Angel was very charismatic and I knew she'd be fun to watch.

Next was John, a corporate controller (whatever that is) who spends way too many hours at his desk eating and not moving.

John, too, had a great sense of humor about his life and really seemed committed to change right off the bat. Having some relatives in New York in very similar jobs, I understand how this lifestyle can often seem unavoidable.

And finally, Jackie, who we find out comforted herself with pasta and other carbs while battling breast cancer twice. She's already had to overcome a lot and now realizes that pasta isn't helping her the same way it used to.

BREAD is right there in Jackie's face, so she better watch it if she's going to be able to avoid carb-temptation.

Jackie and John both have kids and feel like they already miss enough of their childrens' lives. Why would they want to go to a gym and squander a few more hours each day?

Well, as Ellie helps them realize, it's all going to be about balance. Balancing working with eating with moving with wellness.

To get off on the right foot, Angel goes to the mall to find something "sexy" to work out in.

She's laughing and giggling, so it looks like she probably has a lot of energy. As she puts it, "the man of her dreams" could be walking right next to her on the treadmill! Now, she's ready in red!

John's balance is going to come majorily in the way he eats. Before Ellie, he was getting Thanksgiving-full every single day, right before he fell asleep. Ellie is going to get him to eat in a more balanced, control manner.

I admit when I see things like "a serving of meat should be the size of a deck of cards" I cry a little tear, as I'd typically enjoy a few card-houses worth. But, portion control is important and John is going to try and stop himself before he's uncomfortably full.

Even though this was a serious program, I still noticed several humorous elements. For one, we're told right about that pasta is Jackie's weakness. Well, look at who the corporate sponsor is:

What a mean way to tempt more Jackie! I, for one, know that it is virtually impossible to eat a standard portion at Olive Garden. It may not be the freshest or most inventive, but it's tasty and cheap. "Never-ending pasta bowl, you say?" Don't mind if I do.

Children are always so brutally honest:

Jackie's son is adorable. Look at those ears. And teeth. He tells it like it is.

So that's part 1 of my review of "10 Days." Will Jackie, John and Angel succeed? If you saw the show you already know. If not, wait until tomorrow!

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