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Thursday, January 18

Giada at the Globes

If there's one thing celebrities need it's free stuff.

Well, now that the IRS has had its way, it's looking like they'll be getting a little less when it comes to award shows' gift bags. (Sorry,
no more diamonds or trips to Antarctica)

So, when I first saw that Giada De Laurentiis had made an appearance at Access Hollywood's "Stuff You Must..." lounge during the Golden Globes weekend, I immediately thought she (and her hubby) were there for the gifts!

It turns out that the "Stuff You Must..." lounge was raising money for charity. I don't really have the full story, but I'm glad it wasn't just a blatant give-away.

There's this interesting crossover right now with personalities on the Food Network and "celebrity" and what is means to be a celebrity in our current culture.

Many seem to think that chefs are not supposed to be well-known, and if they are it's only to be among inner circles; they are to stay in the kitchen and create.

I just don't think that's true anymore. Like it or not, the faces you see on the Food Network are becoming more and more than just "people who cook on television." Suddenly, we're becoming interested in not just these chef's recipes but also their lives.

Soooooooo, that's what this little blog is here for:-) I watch the Food Network for the food. I watch the Food Network for the people. AND I watch the Food Network for entertainment.

Hope you do too.




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