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Tuesday, January 23

Giada's Auditioning for Idol?

That is Giada De Laurentiis on American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show, but I don't think she was doing any auditioning.

She'd already got three Food Network shows on her plate. I don't think she could take on one more.

Or maybe she could?

FNA reader Quincy sent me this pic of Giada. I'm pretty sure Ryan's show is on pretty early in L.A., so excuse any shininess/puffiness that isn't normally present on Ms. De Laurentiis;-)

I'm waiting to watch a few more episodes of Giada's Weekend Getaways before I comment extensively on it. The ones I've seen so far haven't done much for me, but I think the show could work. It obviously did (for a time) with Rachael and Giada's added bits of culture and things to do make for a fuller show.

I just don't know. Wasn't it Giada herself who said she didn't want to get into acting or be in front of the camera? She definitely improved with Everyday Italian. Now let's just see where she goes with this one.




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