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Wednesday, January 17

Is Rachael Ray on the Lucky Charms Box?

If she's not already on the Lucky Charms box, she will be.

World Screen reports that Ireland's Channel 6 just bought the entire first season of Rachael's syndicated daily talkshow.

“Rachael Ray has an international appeal that is very approachable,” said Michael Murphy, the founder and director of programs at the channel. “We think she will be a big hit with our viewers in Ireland.”

This happy news for Rachael comes on the heels of news that her talkshow here in the US has been renewed for another two years, through the 2009-20010 season (that sounds like longer than two years, but maybe I don't know TV years).

Congrats to Rachael and the crew that puts together that show. I can't imagine working on something so hard like that only to have it all end after a few months (cough...Megan Mullally..cough, cough).

Madeline will surely be excited!




At 1/17/2007 12:50 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

LOL, lucky Charms with Ray Ray on it...that would be hilarious! But hey, you see her everywhere nowadays, you never know!

At 1/17/2007 10:09 PM , Blogger amanda said...

JOYGASM!!! I can't wait for the next three, I mean TWO (?), years. :)

At 1/17/2007 10:35 PM , Blogger jrs said...

I know:-) when's new york calling for our tickets?

At 1/18/2007 5:21 PM , Blogger Madeline said...

Um, yeah! Blog fodder through 2010! Hello!

See, I am so excited I used three exclamation points.

At 1/20/2007 12:47 AM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

And looks like Rachael finally got a more flattering bra.

Giada, watch out!




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