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Monday, January 22

Monday Madness


Okay, it's Monday. And it's madness. It's Monday Madness!

Ummm... I didn't go to last year's South Beach Wine & Food Festival, but I sure wish I had. I'd love to know what our good buddy Alton Brown is doing with the smoke and, if you look closely, crumbs of some sort.

I've already shown some of the other madness that took place last year. One can only imagine what will happen when the Food Network celebs take over South Beach this Feb. 22-25. It's sure to be a good (eats) time!

We had our first real snowfall here in the district of columbia. I hate snow but I admit it did look kind of pretty for the first few seconds it was coming down (my inner child "hey it's snowing!" moment).

Being from the midwest, I think I know how to handle snow and ice pretty well when it comes to driving. For some reason everyone here completely loses their minds:-/ Hope everyone is staying warm!




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