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Thursday, February 15

Make Way for the Talent(ed) Duff

Chef Duff of Ace of Cakes got a coveted "Talent" pass at the recent Superbowl in Miami when he delivered the official cake. Hopefully he kept it away from the torrential downpour.


Once again, it looks incredibly intricate and I can't really imagine how it got there in one piece (or one, cohesive cake... thing).

Mary Alice let me know that Duff would be down there before he met up with the rest of his Charm City Cakes staff in MEXICO! It you watched the Challenge episode that Duff won, he said he was going to use the $10,000 prize money to take his entire staff to Costa Rica. Well, that's been changed to Mexico. Still sounds good to me. I hope they're all enjoying some much-needed time off.

As always, Ace of Cakes is on tonight at 10:30/9:30 central on the Food Network. It's fun. You should watch.

And in case you don't regularly re-read old posts (and why don't you), someone left a "comment" that might be of interest:

Exclusively on www.blogtv.ca Tuesday, Feb 20 from 3:30 – 4:00pm ET an interactive chat with Duff Goldman. Contact Moddy Blaze moddy.blaze@blogtv.ca should you have any questions.

Sounds like fun! I like blogs, TV and Canada!

UPDATE: I just checked and the Web site said that Blog TV was not available in my (United States) country at this time! Hmm... perhaps it will be by the 20th. If not, let me know how the chat goes, Canucks!

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At 2/16/2007 10:13 AM , Blogger getinmyface said...

I don't see how they moved that thing without a fork lift! Awesome!!!

At 4/13/2007 9:17 PM , Anonymous Terry said...

Hey- just found this site. Please write more about Ace of Cakes. I'm addicted.




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