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Tuesday, February 13

Snowflakes and Sandra Fun

Sorry for the late post. D.C. has gone pretty crazy over the 1/4" of forecasted ice accumulation. It's nothing compared to what's going on back in the Midwest or upstate New York.

Anyhow, the Food Network continues to provide me with warmth and entertainment during this icy day.

Let me tell you... Miami is looking better and better each day.

How do you think Emeril will be as the host/master of ceremonies for the first-ever Food Network Awards? Hopefully better than his ill-fated sitcom.

In other news, D.C. blogger Jordan Baker has up a hilarious recap of her Sandra Lee Potluck.

They really went all out with their Cosmoritas, Champagne Punch, Cheddar Ranch Dip, Crab and Shrimp Dip, NACHO POTATOES, stuffed crescents, and Boston cream cupcakes.

Jordan even created a nifty little rating scale based on: ease of preparation; visual appeal of finished product; how interesting/innovative the recipe sounds; how appealing/tasty it sounds; smell; texture on palate; flavor; whether they would eat/drink the dish again.

Unfortunately, Sandra's potluck only seemed to prove what many of us probably thought all along:

In summation, the best thing I can say of our Sandra Lee cuisine is that nothing was better than mediocre, and many things fell far shy of that mark. And if mediocrity works for you, that's fine. Eat your Hidden Valley Ranch and your imitation Krab meat. Get all your fruit and vegetables out of a can. Fill your clinically obese bodies up with even more salt and preservatives. Drape a different color of Christmas lights around the room every day and pretend that means you care about your home and family. Die of heart disease or complications of diabetes before you hit fifty. See if I care. But please shut up about how Sandra's way is "great and simple." It's not.

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At 2/13/2007 10:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of calling her show, "Semi-Homemade" she should call it "Fully Processed." How she can get away with a show like hers on the Food Network is beyond me....

I think it was brave of someone to try and test out her recipes. You couldn't pay me enough money. I tell you, if she didn't have an enormous rack, she wouldn't have her own show.

Bring Sara Moulton back!!!!!!

At 2/13/2007 10:39 PM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

I'm so glad you appropriately capitalized NACHO POTATOES.

At 2/14/2007 9:39 AM , Blogger jrs said...

Anon: I think Sandra's show has started incorporating a bit more fresh ingredients than the earlier ones (the newer ones don't seem to have that "now take this domino's pizza and top it with canned pineapple" feel), but, I agree, her show doesn't seem to cut it these days-- even with the "easy and fast" mantra of the network. I think Sandra would be fine without the FN, though. She's bigger than it... in more ways than one.

Jordan: YES! Too bad they didn't turn out that great. In theory, they sound delicious.

At 2/14/2007 4:08 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I'll tell you, I'm a large woman and I cringe at what Sandy Lee uses. Not all of us big folk like the processed stuff now! But seriously- it's not that hard to make a few things from scratch. Gross.

Stay warm! I am a weather channel fanatic and saw what ya'll are going through! Just don't send it to WA state! LOL!!! (please, we have had enough! LOL!! yeah yeah i'm a wimp!)

At 2/15/2007 3:02 AM , Anonymous Conrad5 said...

Jrs: Coming down awfully hard on Ms. Lee, aren’t you? Her little show is responsible for heart disease, obesity and diabetes? The only people who watch her are entertainment-starved horny guys, who do so just to fantasize about her ample boobs. Her influence on American’s eating habits is certainly negligible. Believe me, I’m no fan of hers, but Emeril and Paula use more butter than Marlin Brando in The Last Tango in Paris.

At 2/15/2007 8:50 AM , Blogger jrs said...

Conrad: Hmm... I'd have to direct you to Jordan for a response, as that was from her post (that's what I'm trying to symbolize with the green font). I'm sure Jordan will have a witty retort for you either here or on her own blog.

As for me, no, I don't think her show "is responsible" for heart disease and obesity (and I don't think Jordan would say that, either). I think what she was trying to get at was that the show only promotes them even more than they already are in America.

And, yes, just because Ina uses expensive and fresh ingredients doesn't mean she's cooking up weight watcher meals.

I'm going to go eat my palmfull of almonds like Ellie suggested, now:-)

At 2/15/2007 2:01 PM , Anonymous Conrad5 said...

Oops…I thought that was you. Sorry. Jordan’s got and edge. I’d like to check out her blog. What’s the URL?

At 2/15/2007 2:04 PM , Blogger jrs said...


At 2/16/2007 9:29 AM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

jrs: you explained what would've been my response perfectly (and more politely than I would've). Of course she's not responsible for weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes. But she's emblematic of the sort of "culture" that has caused and continues to perpetuate these things--"convenient" ingredients with no health benefits at the cost of fresh, balanced, well prepared meals.

And re Ina et. al: I guarantee you if you eat the suggested portions of Sandra's meals for a month and the suggested portions of Ina's meals for a month, you'll gain more weight and feel worse on Sandra's food than you will Ina's. No matter how much fresh butter and organic meat Ina puts in her food, the chemicals and salt in Sandra's are far, far wrose for you.

At 2/16/2007 9:45 AM , Blogger jrs said...

I agree completely. If I had the money to cook and eat like Ina every day, I would. That's not to say I eat packaged things all day like Sandra, either. I should have stock in Whole Foods.

I do love Ina's portion sizes and how she rationalizes the huge amounts of everything: "I know this looks like a LOT of butter and cream, but it's the sauce for the entire dish!" The entire dish for who? You and your weekend-husband? You and the florist? Come on:-)


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