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Wednesday, March 14

An Idea for Sandra

No post yesterday? What's the matter with me?! Well, here's an early one to hopefully make up for it. This time change is screwing with me worse than ever before.

Anyhow, perhaps you've heard that Giada De Laurentioli has teamed up with PYREX (you know, the maker of glass bakeware) and you have the chance to win a dinner party with Giada herself!

I guess this turned-to-the-side, I love looking at my own name photo was the best one they could find for marketing purposes. Hmm...

Not to be outdone, I think I have the perfect product for Sandra Lee to lend her name to...

No, not that kind of silicone. Get your mind out of the gutter.

That kind of silicone! It'd be a fight to the finish to see which FN star--Giada or Sandra--could best promote the benefits of Pyrex or silicone. Right?

Sandra's could even come in awesome colors (to match your outfit, curtains and plate chargers) and shapes such as bunny rabbits and martini glasses.

Seriously. When can I become a brand executive?

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At 3/14/2007 12:27 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

(Applause) *Great* idea! (and funny, to boot)

At 3/16/2007 10:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sure that was your idea?

At 3/16/2007 10:56 AM , Blogger jacob said...

I haven't heard otherwise. Why, does Sandra really have this out?

At 3/16/2007 4:10 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Hehehehehe! Great entry!


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