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Friday, April 27

Clinton/Ray 2008

Bill Clinton's appearance on Rachael Ray's talkshow was pretty hot...

At least for Rach, anyway. She kept staring into his commanding eyes, while he kind of delivered a little speech out to the audience.

I wonder if Bill still likes the dark-haired, giggly types? Hold tight to your wedding band, Rachael!

Have a great weekend! I have been super-busy, but I will try to whip up some longer, better posts over the next few days.

PS- I'm sure Bill still likes all types:-)

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At 4/28/2007 12:28 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

Geez, in the first photo you can almost read Rachael's mind, as she thinks, "Yum-O." Good for Clinton -- he's always been great about meeting the public on their TV terms. Perhaps Ina will have him over and pack a box lunch for him.



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