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Tuesday, April 17

A Little Buzz Isn't a Bad Thing

Sooooooo... the Food Network Awards themselves may have been poorly executed. I get that. However, we know that FN knows how to market a show 'til its death, and that was obviously the case with this show.

Which kind of surprised me.

After the initially poor reviews came out after the taping, I figured the execs would quietly slip it off the radar. Perhaps run it at an obscure time slot with little or no mention before or after.

That wasn't the case.

We had Paula talking about buttering envelopes. We had Emeril yammering on. We had flashy promo pieces and short bumpers before and after commercial breaks, all promoting the "biggest night in food!"

And it evidently worked.

I just got word that the Food Network Awards was the second-most watched program in the network's history-- coming in at 4.6 million total viewers.

“We are thrilled that our first awards show performed so well,” said Bruce Seidel, Senior Vice President, Program Planning and Special Planning for Food Network. “We set out to honor innovators within the world of food from across the country; we are excited that our viewers responded so favorably.”

It must have been the shear novelty of it all that brought in so many viewers, I'm convinced. As it's been pointed out, we don't have as strong of an emotional connection to--say--macaroni and cheese as we do Meryl Streep.

Or maybe we do.

Either way, what would macaroni and cheese say if it won an award:

"I just want to thank my mom, Velveeta, for always believing in me and trusting that I'd stay shelf-stable for years to come. All my producers-- you guys rock. My agents and jingle-writers. The guy who came up with 'the cheesiest'-- that was awesome...how do you do it, man?!

Oh, and Jesus Christ my Savior."

It's just not the same!

And now for official ratings jargon:

The Awards which posted a 1.5 household rating and a .7 adults 25-54 demographic rating, was the second most-watched program in the network’s history. In addition, the program placed in the top 10 rated shows on the network, on both a household and P2+ rating basis. Finally, among the 18-49 year old demographic, the show tied as the highest-rated telecast this year among adults 18-49 and women 18-49.

What a crapola week it's starting out to be on the east coast. We have the nor'easter storm system that's threatening to knock my apt. over each night, AND the most deadly school shooting ever. All this and it's only Tuesday!

My thoughts are with those affected by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. I may be a Midwesterner at heart, but my 1.3 yrs. here in D.C. have introduced me to a lot of great easterners-- many of whom attended VT.

Promote Peace!




At 4/18/2007 12:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

alright, so i have to ask the obvious question... if this is the second most-watched program in foodtv's history, what's the most? it's probably something like "rachael ray takes a 30 minute tour of sandra lee's cleavage" but still i want to know.

At 4/18/2007 12:19 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

LOL on the Mac n Cheese acceptance speech. OK, if that awful show was No. 2, I wonder what was the highest rated show in FN's history???


At 4/18/2007 4:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope we don't see this farce next year.

At 4/18/2007 9:48 PM , Blogger amanda said...

holy jeez, i didn't watch them either. i was too busy, um, sleeping i think. i viewed a list of the winners/categories, and it was completely redonk. i'm not usually down on the FN, but this was too much for me to stomach. i'm just glad the ads are over, and i hope they put this one to sleep.


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