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Monday, April 23

What Money Has Done for Rachael Ray

It's amazing what a little spray-on tan, dreamcatcher necklace, and ditching the denim pantsuit can do for a person!




At 4/23/2007 9:44 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Yeah, her necklaces are too much for me. Especially this one. The danglyness of it all insults my eyes. Martin tracks her seasons by looking at her cleavage of highlights...which is also a way to make a person better.

Is it Cinco de Mayo yet?

At 4/23/2007 9:45 PM , Blogger amanda said...

That was supposed to be "cleavage AND highlights." It's late, and this English teacher is tired.

At 4/24/2007 8:15 AM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

Oy, the necklace. Once again, some celebrity proves that you cannot--cannot--go down to the store and buy yourself some classy (to quote my grandmother).

At 4/24/2007 3:17 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I am not digging the necklace. And even as crazy as she looks, I still have nothing but love for Rachael.

At 4/24/2007 10:38 PM , Blogger jacob said...

amanda: i'm sure they used something (makeup?) to highlight that cleavage! can't wait for cinco fun!

jordan: granny is a wise lady.

jennifer: yep. she's at a charity event. hard to criticize her that much.


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