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Thursday, May 31

Amy, Eva or Kim?

Jordan's comment that Amy was one of the contestants the public could vote on back in January joining Colombe, the other contestant to get a public vote as a finalist made me think. Who won? Did they both get it? It this some weird twist?

Well, I wrote that the vote was between Colombe and "Eva" but Amy sure does look a lot like Eva.

Then, Amanda commented that Amy/Eva looked like Kim Delaney!

So now it's between Amy, Eva or Kim.

But wait... whose shoulder is that next to Kim? Find Out.

I am behind on the "meet your contestants" now. This controversy messed me up.

I'll try to get 4 up later today.

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At 5/31/2007 12:49 PM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

Wow--now I wonder why they even had the vote. There's no way they could have cast Eva if they'd already cast Amy. There would have been too much confusion.


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