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Thursday, May 24

Dead Shows

In the few years that I've been watching the Food Network, I've been witness to the sad, slow destruction of a few shows.

I'm talking about the "dead shows" that, while once enjoying the comforts of a regular timeslot, were eventually relegated to ultra-late and irregular airings. Eventually... we lost them. They fought so hard, but there was simply nothing that could be done.

I was never that much of a fan of Calorie Commando or Low Carb and Lovin' It. Despite the "pow! bang!" quality of its logo, Cal Commando, with host Juan-Carlos Cruz, was pretty lifeless.

Let's see: I could eat real stuffed mushrooms, or low calorie ones. Ooooooohhhhhhh. Thanks for the advice, JCC.

Maybe this was a popular show back in the day when everyone feared fat and calories. I'm not really sure.

Then Atkins came around and George Stella jumped at the chance of doing his low carb-focused show. Everyone freaked their freak about eating bread and needed lots of good recipes showcasing the best ways to slather meat with cheese and eggs.

Now that we've cooled off a bit on the whole low carb thing, I'm not surprised LCALI is hardly registering a pulse on the Food Network-- but it could probably stand an airing or two a month. Isn't 3:30 a.m. open?

Once the darling of the Food Network, Jamie Oliver is now dead to FN-USA, yet still holds a little bit of Web space. It's kind of like parents who have a child die and can't bear to change the kid's bedroom for years.

In his all-new series, Jamie Oliver does what he loves most: cook for his mates. From musicians to fashion models to magicians, everyone is invited back to the Oliver flat for a meal they'll never forget. Follow Jamie on shopping expeditions to his favorite stores and get tips and insight on his selections. Then enjoy that inimitable Jamie style as he rustles up a heap of excitingly good grub. Let the party begin!

Hmm... all-new series? Move on, Food Network. You've already made us do it, but don't keep taunting us with sites like these.

I guess they don't mind keeping up three Jamie products that are available for purchase. Nice.
Nothing says "we own you for perpetuity" like that.


I'll go into dead shows again sometime. Obviously, some other big ones that upset people were the original Iron Chef and Sara Moulton's various shows.

What are your thoughts?

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At 5/25/2007 8:48 AM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

George Stella is absolutely unrecognizable in that logo from the one or two episodes I saw. Which. . .may mean that the low carb thing worked? Too well? Shudder.

At 5/25/2007 8:58 AM , Blogger jacob said...

Maybe that's why they stopped airing him? He probably looks like Nicole Ritchie now.

At 5/25/2007 11:14 AM , Anonymous Wes said...

I'm still upset FN ditched Molto Mario

At 5/25/2007 4:59 PM , Blogger Noah said...

i miss sweat dreams.

At 5/25/2007 11:29 PM , Blogger Luna said...

Totally miss the original Iron Chef. It was the MXC (showing on Spike TV) of the FN!

At 5/26/2007 11:18 PM , Blogger amanda said...

i was having a pretty good day until i read this...and you usually make me so happy. i'm still so depressed without jamie and original iron chef. i don't know why they've stopped... oh wait, i know. rayray needs another frickin' show. jamie has so much more to offer than another traveling eats show. and lets face it: japanese cooking show + english language track + live eel = real entertainment. (and no alton brown!)

i have to say, though, the other ones (especially moulton) made me gag a little bit.

At 5/27/2007 4:46 PM , Anonymous Emilie said...

Nicole Ritchie...heh heh heh
I'm not a real fan of the Low Carb show or the Low Calorie show, but I used to enjoy Sara Moulton. I wonder what happened there.
By the way, you can catch "Sweet Dreams" in the middle of the night, on Thursday at 3:30 am. I always stay up late so sometimes I watch it.

At 5/27/2007 8:30 PM , Anonymous dubvee 95 said...

George Stella was actually pretty good. He had a nice variety of recipes on his show, and did a number of shows about pre-preparing foods so you'd have something to eat during the week. We're not low-carb devotees, but a few of his recipes were so good that they're in our regular rotation.

At 6/19/2007 10:37 PM , Blogger Foodie said...

I agree with you Jacob, some shows are just not meant for the TV. I have been watching food network since I came to this country in 1997. Lots of changes and lots of new shows. But my all time favorite would be, this one was the old show with Susan Fennigar and Mary Sue Miliken, then comes Emeril Lagasse, The Best of and may more. I have watched all the shows that you mentioned about and I agree, there were number of shows that were so boring, particularly of Sara Moulton, and sometimes I don't like Mario Batali either. There was this wonderful German chef, If I am not forgetting his name was David Rosenberg, I loved his shows too.
Well food network is constantly looking for new talent and it's possible that some shows will remain and some shows will be history. But I loved your blog my dear friend. I have a food blog www.zaayka.blogspot.com, if would like to see vegetarian recipes.

At 6/20/2007 12:54 AM , Blogger Foodie said...

I was wrong when I said David Rosenberg, It was David Rosengarten and I loved his show.
I love Giada for her Italian recipes,I also like Rachael Ray, Nigella Lawson and sometimes Paula Deen. I hate Sandra Lee, Guys big bite, Vegas Pastry Battle.
You can visit the below link to view David Rosengarten's bio.


At 7/19/2007 2:45 PM , Anonymous emma_wonders said...

ahhhh...i miss the old days of food network. i feel like i grew up on it! i don't know when the network first started out but i feel like i've been watching it since it began when i'd skip classes back in college in the early mid 90's. there was a lot more actual food instruction involved. foodie...the show you mentioned with Susan Fennigar and Mary Sue Miliken was Two Hot Tamales, I loved that show too, they made some pretty complicated latin recipes. they used to have a lot more latin food on FN i seemed to rememember. i too adored adored david rosengarten, his show was called Taste and it was AWESOME. he focused on ONE item a show like EGGS and pretty muched schooled you like crazy on it, and i LEARNED how to make really great stuff from him. i miss sara moulton despite everyone dissing her- she was very motherly and had great advice. i don't need a lot of 'BAM' and i don't want to hate ray ray but she's such a damn dork. hasn't her agent heard of overexposure? hello i don't need a magazine and fifteen shows of her. i like the real chefs that give real instruction, tyler florence tends to do more of that with his ultimate show and 911, and so does emeril with his essence. sandra lee is a comedy but i like it anyway


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