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Friday, May 18

Once you get on Oprah, everything else is downhill

Leaving no media opportunity unanswered, the Deen Brothers-- Bobby and Jamie-- recently spoke at a middle school career day in Savannah, Georgia.

Let me repeat that: Bobby and Jamie Deen spoke at a middle school career day.

Watch that hand, Jamie-- you're married. Notice how Bobby ain't touching anybody. Good boy!

Those ladies (and one random little boy?) sure must have been excited to hear Paula's sons talk about their exciting careers. Maybe some of them will follow in their footsteps.

What a crapola end to the week here in DC. It's cloudy and gloomy.

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At 5/20/2007 8:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the Ina Garten YouTube clip????

At 5/21/2007 3:02 PM , Blogger jacob said...

I took it down because I didn't want people not very familiar with Ina or her show to just think I was promoting some kind of derogatory presentation.

I can disinguish between what was funny about it (to me) and what was just mean (and, in fact, not funny), but I didn't gather that everyone felt the same.

The funniest things about that video were the fact that: Ina made "bread" for dinner, that the fancy table was a cardtable next to a messy sofa, and that everything was "delicious" or "gorgous."

The casual Ina-viewer would probably just watch the first few minutes of that clip, though, and turn it off after the "liposuction" reference.

ANYhow... it's still on YouTube.

At 5/21/2007 6:37 PM , Anonymous Sue Gordon said...

I'm happy you took it off. Good choice. It's possible to be amusing about Ina, while still loving her and not being mean-spirited, which this was. I'm just mad that it was kind of linked to that AWESOME video of Giada in a bikini.


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